We consider sustainable agriculture to be a set of production methods that take into account the environment and people.

Ensuring profitability for farmers, preserving natural resources such as soil and groundwater and maintaining quality for consumers.


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The original idea

Agricultural activity, whether organic or conventional, always refers to a biological process carried out by a plant, animal or microbial organism.
The main difference between organic and conventional agriculture is the use of synthetic chemicals in conventional agriculture.

Organic agriculture exploits the natural fertility of the soil by excluding the use of synthetic products. It is based on respect for the agrosystem and the environment with the help of plant protection products of organic and natural origin, but which do not contain synthetic substances and are a limited choice.

But it must be kept in mind that organic farming requires the use of almost 40% more land to meet the current needs of a growing population.

We think “sustainable agriculture”! That is to say an agriculture with a low environmental impact that would preserve natural resources, the soil and the organic substance in it.

We work to increase the performance of organic crops, and to naturally improve the efficiency of inputs, whether synthetic or not, to reduce their use in conventional agriculture.

We are moving forward to offer sustainable, efficient and profitable alternatives for farmers.