A range of biostimulants for an appropriate solution for each crop. Suitable for solution and foliar application, they will act at the heart of plants to improve all their natural processes, optimise their metabolisms from growth to fruiting and strengthen their resistance to hydric and abiotic stress.


Soil amendment

Suitable for all types of soils to improve the physical, chemical and biological condition. They promote the maintenance of a good structure and a significant increase in CEC and water retention capacity.


Water Retention

Solutions for crops or plantations in arid or difficult conditions. Ensuring a sustainable water reserve near the roots, a 100% natural product, does not degrade, does not pollute, is not toxic to plants and does not leave a residue in the fruit.


Animal nutrition

An innovative zootechnical range to meet the challenges facing livestock farmers: improving the economic performance of livestock farming, contributing to better quality human food, reducing the use of medicines and promoting animal welfare.


Advice and technique

Born from the observation of needs, we offer advice and technical expertise for all crops. Solutions from sowing to harvesting, for the establishment and development of new crops: sorghum, hemp, soybean, flax, and others.


Research and development

Water scarcity, reduction of inputs, development of application techniques. We have made the choice of sustainable development, with agro-environmental solutions in line with our times.  In order to offer them to you, we have worked with many farmers and laboratories.


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